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Printing a label in a selected place on label sheet

asked 2019-12-12 11:54:42 +0200

JamesAB gravatar image

updated 2019-12-12 11:55:02 +0200

Hello, Having several sheets of part used labels, I needed to print on those parts of the label sheet that still had blank labels. LO insists on printing starting at the top left hand corner. Is there a way to "place" labels on the sheet?

Thanks & Regards, Jim

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Are you talking about printing one or two labels only (allow for manually inserting data into the labels) - or about mail merge starting at certain labels?

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-12-12 13:17:32 +0200 )edit

Just one or two

JamesAB gravatar imageJamesAB ( 2019-12-13 10:11:43 +0200 )edit

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answered 2019-12-12 16:10:45 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image


Please see answer in this post -> Labels start offset for partially used label sheets

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