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How to convert one paragrapht style to another? [closed]

asked 2013-09-03 09:38:57 +0200

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updated 2015-11-07 12:45:12 +0200

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Hi, in LibreOffice 4.0.5 Writer on Windows XP I have two paragraph styles with very similar characteristics: "Text Body" and "Default Style". But I would like to have only one style in the document. Is there a way to convert all "Text Body" to "Default Style" in my document? Thanks

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answered 2013-09-03 10:12:56 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

Use Edit->Find & Replace. In the dialog, click "More Options" button. Check "Search for Styles".

Now the upper part shows "Search for" with a drop-down menu containing the applied style. Select "Text body". Select "Default Style" in the "Replace with" drop-down menu.

Click "Replace" or "Replace All" depending if you want to monitor changes or not.

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I did it your way. But now I see my document is corrupted. Inside paragraph (with some style applied to it) I also use some formatting, e.g. setting some words italic, underline etc. Replacing one style with other in some paragraphs this formatting is preserved and in some they are just removed. Strange, don't understand the logic... Maybe bug... test.jpg please rename .jpg to .odt. Open attachment and replace styles according to ajlittoz suggestion.

L-user gravatar imageL-user ( 2013-09-04 09:48:59 +0200 )edit

I did the test on the attached test file. All your character (what you call inside paragraph) formatting disappear.

However, if i format words with namedcharacter styles (selected from the "Styles & formatting" navigator), word highlighting is kept.

From what I understand, "anonymous" word formatting is not kept through the change, while "named" or "styled" highlighting can be restored.

If your document is not small, I suggest that you format it with named styles (you already use paragraph styles, you can also use "character" styles). Character styles can be customized and created the same as paragraph styles.

On reasonable size document, this is the correct way to work (very tedious on small document). An advantage of the method is you ...(more)

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2013-09-05 08:09:58 +0200 )edit

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