When exporting to pdf or word "file not found" message

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I have never had a problem exporting my documents in the past to either word or pdf but lately anytime I try to do this, I cannot and get a message saying "file not found" "check the file name and try again." Almost as if I am searching instead of exporting. I think this may also be happening when I create a new document and try to just save it.

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Hello - you have a problem and are looking for help. But please understand no one willing to help is able to provide a sound answer without some information about your environment. Thus please provide:

  • Operating System (Windows, Linux, macOS) and its version?
  • LibreOffice version?
  • Storage devices (Local disk, Local fileserver, Cloud, Google Drive; OneDrive)?
  • Filenames (esp.: Do they contain spaces; e.g: File Name with Spaces.ods) or special characters like *)
  • If applicable: Access method to remote directories (NFS, SAMBA, Windows Share)?
  • Any save problems using other applications

Please do not use Add Answer but edit your original question to enhance the details of your question. Thanks in advance …

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2019-12-30 23:34:05 +0100 )edit