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My wife is working with a Db brought in from OpenOffice. It has a few hundred records - names, address, other stuff - basically a membership list. The problem arises when she needs to print off "name badges" for selected records (mostly the new people.)

She can click the individual records - that part seems to work ok - but when she previews it, it shows an entire page of labels for each record, rather than just one each.

I seem to remember seeing a switch ("Print entire page for each record" or some such) which would be useful if printing Return Address labels, but I can't remember where I found the switch, she can't find it either, and she's getting very frustrated. (Enough so that she even used the "M" word - "Microsoft"...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated - especially if it arrives before either her computer or I receive a dowsing of (fair trade, organic) coffee!


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