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Insert labelled shapes into picture

asked 2020-01-16 15:18:52 +0100

Grv gravatar image


I would like to comment a picture, by adding shapes containing a label directly inside the picture, thus is could comment the related label. (here is an example with red labels:

I'm aware i could create a shape, change the content, copy paste, change again. Is there a convenient way to do this ?

(if it is not natively possible, would it be possible to create a shape with shape label increasing on each copy / paste ?)

Actually, i'm using writer, perhaps it is more appropriate to use Draw or Impress, by the way ?

Thank you !

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answered 2020-01-16 15:51:48 +0100

ajlittoz gravatar image

Personally, I would import my picture in Draw and add "decorations" to it with the various tools.

In your example, the red "balloons" are called *callouts" in *Draw. There is a specific tool for them and you can choose shape variants.

As with all shapes, if you double-click on a callout, you enter "labelling mode": after the double-click, what you type becomes the label attached to the shape. Any editing is available for the callout and its label: colour, size, font, … When you select a callout, a handle (black dot) appears at the end of the protruding arrow. Drag this handle to change the position of the arrow.

When you're done, copy the picture and its decorations into Writer.

I prefer this mode of operation to direct editing in Writer because I benefit more versatility from it, but YMMV.

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