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Where in LibreOffice is the "Page Layout" type function that Word 7 has?

asked 2020-01-17 18:48:59 +0100

PipJ gravatar image

updated 2020-01-17 23:18:41 +0100

cornouws gravatar image

My laptop's Word 7 lost this function pretty much on the day (14 Jan 20) that Word 7 stopped being supported by MS!

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Please describe what Word's "Page layout" is. It may be implemented differently under another name (I suspect it may be related to Writer's page style feature). It is difficult to answer when one has no access to any version of Word.

The description should be provided editing your question (not an answer) because it is not a solution to the problem but additional information.

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2020-01-17 18:57:11 +0100 )edit

Please use a short descriptive title and put the rest into the details section.

And please don't take for granted that LibreOffice users have any understanding of vital & extremely useful "Page Layout" type function of Word 7. Describe what it is and what you specifically mean - but one thing can be said: The notion of what a page is and what it's various areas, margins, headers and so on are, is quite different in LibreOffice compared to Word.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-01-17 19:01:08 +0100 )edit

What is "Word 7" by the way? I initially guessed that it's MS Word 2007, but evidence tells that Word 2007 support ended in 2017, so something which support ended around 14 Jan 2020 can't be it; it also can't be Word 2010, since it's only approaching its end of support...

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2020-01-17 19:29:00 +0100 )edit

at first 3 commenters: that's all true. However a simple search on internet for Word Page Layout showed me that he was looking for what Word 'hides' under page>formatting (or setting, don't remember). But I don't want to complain - you're absolutely doing much more work, good work, on Ask than me :) !

cornouws gravatar imagecornouws ( 2020-01-17 23:22:26 +0100 )edit

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answered 2020-01-17 23:18:08 +0100

cornouws gravatar image

Hi Philip,

The page lay out in Writer is done with page styles. Choose Format > Page Style to change settings of the active page style. That (since it's a style) applies to all pages of the document that have the same style. Or use the side bar.

Look in the HELP of documentation for more on page styles.

Cheers - Cor

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