[FEATURE REQUEST] CSV Export Filter Options - Row Delimiter [closed]

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Currently, in the "filter settings/export text file" panel, when saving a file as CSV, you are able to specify:

  • Character Set
  • Field Delimiter
  • Text Delimiter

It would be most amazing if we could also get a "Row Delimiter" or "Record Delimiter" option.

My use case is that I would like to use row delimiter that is different from the default, \n. Indeed, I would like to use \x1E, which is the "Record Separator" character in the ASCII table (#30).

I am also a developer, so if you guys can tell me where I can find the relevant chunks of code, I can take a stab at implementing this.

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Feature requests should be posted on LibreOffice's Bugzilla. There is an article on the wiki about how to report a bug (or add a feature request).

bencomp gravatar imagebencomp ( 2014-01-04 17:45:43 +0200 )edit