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Combine ranges from multiple sheets [closed]

asked 2013-09-19 08:51:56 +0200

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me and my friends need a file where each of us would have a own sheet with data. And then we would like to have a "super" sheet that would combine all the ranges from those individual sheets.

I am wondering if there's a way in Calc to combine multiple ranges from all the sheets in the workbook to a one single sheet. I am not looking for copy&paste solution but something that would keep the "super" sheet updated all the time.

Is there something similar to VMERGE script in gDocs? I am really new to LibreOffice and I tried searching for a solution on the web. As I am not native English speaker I might have been searching for a wrong wording. Please if that's so just point me to the solution...


Thank you!!!

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answered 2013-09-23 08:57:41 +0200

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Please try and be clear in your use of the terms "sheet" (a single tab within a spreadsheet file, of which there can be many) and "spreadsheet" (which is an ODS/XLS format file). It sounds like you and your friend each have a spreadsheet file. Do want to link the contents of each of your files to a third file? Does that sounds right?

There are only two possible ways to remotely link data to a spreadsheet file and both require that the source (location of the file from which the data is being pulled) remain fixed. You would therefore need your file and than of your friend to remain in a fixed location that can be remotely determined. This can be done by keeping the two files in a fixed network location or by placing the data into a HTML <table> or similar structure.

I am not looking for copy&paste solution but something that would keep the "super" sheet updated all the time.

I know of no method for continual/live updating of any office document. With the two network files approach you simply need to copy the data from one spreadsheet file and then use Paste Special... and select the Link option when creating the linking document. This will keep it updated each time you open the linking sheet (you will be presented with a prompt). With the latter method (Insert > Link to External Data...) the result is the same it is just the data source and mechanism that is different. Unfortunately this technique has recently been broken and the related bug is fdo#49043. The good news is that it is reportedly working now under v4.1.2.2, although this may not be what you are after.

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