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Calc appears to adjust copied formula for rows, not columns - is this right? [closed]

asked 2013-09-20 04:48:07 +0200

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updated 2015-11-09 09:21:05 +0200

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In Excel, I would create a formula, then copy that formula to other cells, expecting Excel to adjust the formula for the “next” row and column, unless I used a $ to keep an absolute reference.

Calc seems to adjust the rows, but not the columns. Fix?

I'm using version on Windows 7 Pro on a T420 ThinkPad.

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answered 2013-09-20 08:25:23 +0200

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It works fine in LibreOffice 4.0.5 on Windows XP that I am using. When working with $ you need to understand there are multiple options.
1. A1 and copy the formula and row and column will change.
2. A$1 and copy the formula and only column will change and row preserved at 1.
3. $A1 and copy the formula and only row will change and column preserved at A
4. $A$1 and copy the formula and both column and row are preserved at A1.

If this does not solve your problem, can you please provide more info. What does original formula look like and in which cell it is located? How does the target formula looks like and in which cell it is located?

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