When open network files, those are always read only :-(

asked 2020-02-13 16:20:28 +0100


Somebody please help me.

With last version Libreoffice over Linux Ubuntu 18.04, every try to open a network shared file (Samba protocol) is opened in a read only mode. If I copy the file form the Windows shared folder to local machine, it's opened RW.

Before (yesterday), with Libreoffice 6.0.3 it didn't happened.

I check folder and files permissions and they are Full Read&Write.



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Did you test whether the issue is related to file locking? To test - temporarily disable file locking though: org.openoffice.Office.Common\Misc\UseLocking to false using Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Advanced -> Button: Open Expert Configuration -> Search: UseLocking.

I've tested on my Linux system (openSUSE Linux 15.1 and LibreOffice and I got no problem, (with UseLocking set to true) to open a file shared from my Windows 10 box. Do you explicitly force vers=3.0 (CIFS protocol version) when sharing the folder from the Windows system?

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Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-02-13 17:55:51 +0100 )edit