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Draw flow chart

asked 2020-02-19 00:06:41 +0200

Drawer gravatar image

updated 2021-05-28 14:27:26 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

In this <spam-removed> there are good boxes that have text and also other boxes.

So please guide the way to achieve this in writer and draw.

(edited to remove spam-link)

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Have re-opened as this appears to be a legit question and the link was simply an example. Seems OP was referring to the diagrams in the document. Here is the pdf link again:


Also here is what may be a similar example:


Seems to be a reasonable question.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2020-07-12 03:07:14 +0200 )edit

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answered 2020-07-12 08:08:50 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

Take the problem the other way round.

Draw the inner boxes first with their label (text inside). Add the connectors.

To delimit the "blocks", draw a box around the inner boxes. Since block label is not centered, don"t use the usual labeling technique: leave this label blank but add a text box you can position anywhere.

Select the inner boxes, their connectors, the outer box and its text box. Group these objects. The group will behave as a single composite object (it can be moved, rotated, ... as a whole).

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