Calc Sheet events onSelectChange, onChange, onCalculate

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Hello to all. I have some problems handling sheet events. In the attached file I manage following events

1) onSelectChange: each click on the target cell (C3) the event handler should be called only once to increase the counter displayed in column A (it can be reset with a click on cell F3). Instead, the handler is almost always called 3 times, episodically only once

2) onChange: a combobox in C12 changes its value (but also selecting the previous one activates the handler). However, with a link to external data refreshed periodically the event does not trigger even if some cells change the value

3) onCalculate: here a very strange thing happens: in the declaration of the event handler, inserting as in the previous cases the formal parameter pEvent in which calc should pass a reference to the calculated cell, during the call the error "wrong number of" is given parameters ". Why ?

Thanks at the start for any help

Ubuntu 16.04 Libreoffice C:\fakepath\calcSheetEventTest.ods

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I also took this answer into account and others like it, but it doesn't seem to explain the absence of onchange handler call.

At least the first time, after saving the document, the handler should have been called, but not called

torreone gravatar imagetorreone ( 2020-03-19 22:08:20 +0200 )edit

I finally find someone with my same problem, but he too has not solved it

torreone gravatar imagetorreone ( 2020-04-13 22:59:36 +0200 )edit