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Hello, I have a problem with using DDE-Links. I make use of them to refere to certain values of a table whithin the same .odt-File. The problem is the following: The line spacing increases in the particular line in which I use DDE-Link. At the same time, there's some strange font-changing happening which I do not understand. When selecting a part of the sentence containing the DDE-link, the “Times New Roman” in the font section dissapears which indicates that the paragraph consists out of different fonts (which it actually does not). When then changing the font of the selection to "Times New Roman" again, the increased line spacing dissapears, but appears again, after selecting the "Clear direct formatting" option. Using direct formatting is not an option for me, so I keep wondering what exactly caused this strange behaviour.

Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem?

Unfortunately I can't upload a sample file as my "karma" here is to low -.- you can find the file in the link posted below

Just for information: I've posted the same problem here: some time ago, but as I didn't get an answer, I'm now appealing to you. Thanks already for any ideas or suggestions.

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