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Need a replacement for MS Works database.

asked 2020-04-08 01:44:40 +0200

Hibuscus gravatar image

I have version 4.5a which is non-relational. I just learned about Base this evening. I have looked for years. I want a simple database program like Works was in 1998. Clearly I am an old fogey. Still, I just want to be able to do the stuff that Works 4.5a could do.

My Christmas card list is far more than addresses. It also has children's names, birthdays, phone numbers and even death dates. The printed version functions as my address book going back decades.

Can Base help me? Is Base fairly simple to use? I am old, but I've used computers since the mid-1980s. I know I do not need bells and whistles. I DO need to be able to import my existing data without loss.

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answered 2020-04-08 03:48:48 +0200

echo8hink gravatar image


From one old fogy to another...

The answer is Yes. LibreOffice Base can do what you are doing with Works. I started with Tandy BASIC, on to PC versions of dBASE and into MS Access, and so on. I currently use Base to keep track of all my favorite recipes. I have learned to use Base to double or halve a recipe, print a grocery list for selected recipes, and even merge with Writer to compile an entire cookbook of all recipes. I believe Base is a very capable data tool for customizable personal use. Who knows? You might be able to improve your old Works database!

LibreOffice Base has just completed a migration to the Firebird database model. It was using the HSQLDB model. I would suggest that if you are just starting, try to use Firebird with Base. It seems to work well in the 6.4+ releases. There are still a few nit-noid issues, but there are fixes in the pipeline and work-arounds and other help to be found here.

As far as importing goes, I don't know of any connector from Base to Works. However, if you can export or save your Works table data to an XLS spreadsheet, you should be able to define and import data from the spreadsheet to Base. This always works better for me than the old comma separated value (CSV) that we used to have to use.

Creating data entry forms and reports is fairly similar to the old Works and I think you would be able to understand most of process. There are many on-line resources for help and videos that demonstrate how to do what you want. I got started watching a lot of LO videos on YouTube.

Have fun with it. echo8hink

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Thank you! This is wonderful. I am grateful. You went to a lot of trouble for me. Thanks!

Hibuscus gravatar imageHibuscus ( 2020-04-08 12:29:51 +0200 )edit
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