6.4 on Ubuntu Linux Streaks then Crashes

asked 2020-04-10 18:14:21 +0100

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updated 2020-07-10 10:23:38 +0100

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I just updated to 6.4 on my ZaReason Ubuntu Linux system. I had been using 6.1, which worked perfectly. However, when I open a document in 6.4 and scroll it begins streaking and then crashes. I have posted a video of what happens here:


This is my system information: Version: Build ID: 1:6.4.2-0ubuntu0.18.04.3 CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 4.15; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3; Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI-Language: en-US

Thanks for any help or insight you can offer.

--Ben Calc: threaded

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Have you tried to reset your user profile (or at least tested with the same document, when running in LibreOffice Safe Mode [Help -> Restart in Safe Mode...])?

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-04-10 19:22:36 +0100 )edit

I can not reproduce the glitch in "Safe Mode." What does that tell me about the glitch? Do I always need to open LibreOffice writer documents in Safe Mode? Are there any settings I can reset or change to not havre to load documents in Safe Mode? Thanks!

Ben_Etgen gravatar imageBen_Etgen ( 2020-04-17 03:49:12 +0100 )edit