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Autofilter count displayed rows & show in cell

asked 2020-05-03 21:45:25 +0100

morphingstar gravatar image

updated 2020-05-03 21:48:28 +0100

Autofilter count displayed rows & show in cell above data range. No macro, please.

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answered 2020-05-03 22:24:32 +0100

torreone gravatar image

It works for me = SUBTOTAL (3; INDEX (rangeDataName ;; col-Index)) - 1

rangeDataName is the name of the range on which the filter acts (as defined in menu-data-define area). It includes the headerRow, so 1 must be subtracted from the subTotal.

Col-Index is the index of the column in the dataRange (first column has index 1, second index 2, etc.) The first parameter of the subtotal selects the function to count only non-empty cells.

See also

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Or rather the LibreOffice help for SUBTOTAL, the OpenOffice .org help is outdated.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2020-05-03 22:40:26 +0100 )edit

thanks for link !

torreone gravatar imagetorreone ( 2020-05-03 22:48:07 +0100 )edit
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