How do I, in one fell swoop, extend copy-and-pasted (by any of the ~4 ways) text ALL the way across the Writer app's (New Document) blank page?

asked 2020-05-05 18:42:01 +0200

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updated 2020-05-05 22:55:16 +0200

Though not to the point where dividing a word at line's end is necessary.

When, w/o doing anything---and I have searched Help diligently about this---it extends only ~ halfway across.

Like it does on webpage I got the text from.

Thanks for letting me know, while you've landed on this question!


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Please edit your question to better explain what you are trying to do? Remember we can't see your screen and even less your gestures. Sentences should have a subject, a verb and complements, optionally subordinate sub-sentences. Help yourself by being understandable. Many of us are not native English speakers (maybe yourself too).

Also, simplify your title.

Don't use an answer, it is reserved for solutions.

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2020-05-05 19:05:56 +0200 )edit

Further to the request by @ajlittoz -- Without knowing exactly what you are doing, here is a guess at the nature of your problem, based on experience. So ... Have you tried to edit the pasted text to remove the commands that cause the lines to be too short?? Place your cursor at the end of one of the pasted lines and hit Delete once or twice or three times, until the line below jumps up to join the line you are editting. Insert spaces as necessary. Edit your question to report the results of this test.

ve3oat gravatar imageve3oat ( 2020-05-05 22:47:02 +0200 )edit

Sure wish you had paid attention to my clear question and details, ajlittoz. Please say specifically what is unclear to you. Thank you.

Puzld gravatar imagePuzld ( 2020-05-05 22:51:54 +0200 )edit

Sorry, ve3oat. I don't have all day. Touching how you assume there are only about a few lines in the document. But thank you for your good intentions to help me.

Puzld gravatar imagePuzld ( 2020-05-05 22:53:26 +0200 )edit

Well, you didn't actually say how big your problem was. By the way, if you are copying and pasting large amounts of other peoples' work, are you aware of the applicable laws about copyright?

ve3oat gravatar imageve3oat ( 2020-05-06 00:33:16 +0200 )edit

...Please say specifically what is unclear to you. Thank you.

What is unclear:

  • You say you are copying from a web page
  • You paste into writer
  • The pasted lines of text appear the same as in the original web page.

What do you expect?

What to do:

  • If you increase the font size, the lines will "extend" as you requested. Somehow I suspect that this is not what you have in mind.
  • If the cause of the issue is "hard newlines" (which ve3oat suggested that you determine), manually deleting them will reflow text to fill width. You refuse to even do this on one line and report your findings because you "don't have all day". While you refuse to help us to help you, time passes...

If you will, edit your question and attach your file and webpage link if it does not require a login. If that is ...(more)

keme gravatar imagekeme ( 2020-05-06 08:11:42 +0200 )edit

What are the "any of the 4 ways"?

What does "ALL the way across the Writer app's (New Document)" mean? If the document (not the app) is blank, it does not contain anything and extending a selection is impossible. Or do you want to add something?

Are you trying to import a web page?

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2020-05-06 08:16:26 +0200 )edit

My guess is you are trying to select across a webpage/site that perhaps has multiple text/js/etc objects in it and expecting to drop (paste) the text that exists there into a LO document? That won't work directly. There are ways around it, but until you confirm this is in fact the issue, due to the ambiguous title above, I will elaborate.

doktoroblivion gravatar imagedoktoroblivion ( 2020-05-06 11:49:19 +0200 )edit