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APA Running head [closed]

asked 2013-10-22 17:18:33 +0200

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updated 2013-10-23 01:16:50 +0200

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How do I set u APA running headline on your worksheet. I have it downloaded but doesn't say same things as windows office sheet. I am new to online college and they want APA running head

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2 Answers

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answered 2013-10-22 23:11:35 +0200

carnendil gravatar image

updated 2013-10-23 01:15:16 +0200

When they ask for a "running head", they are using publisher terminology for what most word processing software refer to as a "header" or "page header." [Thank you @oweng.]

You can read the LibreOffice User Guides, in particular LibreOffice Writer Guide, Chapter 4 "Formatting Pages" and LibreOffice Calc Guide, Chapter 4 "Using Styles and Templates", the sections corresponding to setting up headers and footers.

As for the APA head format, I do not know anything about it, but I found this link: Running Head Format for APA Style Papers.

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"Running head" is publisher terminology for what most word processing software refers to as a "header" or "page header."

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-10-23 00:36:27 +0200 )edit

@oweng, thank you, I meant I do not know anything about the APA Style...

carnendil gravatar imagecarnendil ( 2013-10-23 00:45:56 +0200 )edit

@carnendil, that was not a criticism on your answer (which is correct, and which I marked up), but rather just a bit more information for others. I should have been clearer :-)

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-10-23 00:50:33 +0200 )edit

@oweng, I have added your comment in my answer. Thank you again. It might have been the source of confusion to the OP or might confuse others in the future.

carnendil gravatar imagecarnendil ( 2013-10-23 01:16:32 +0200 )edit

answered 2014-05-21 22:32:31 +0200

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updated 2014-05-21 22:34:08 +0200

It's super easy actually,

Add your headers as you normally would

go to Format > Page > Header and you should see a check-box that says Same content on first page UN-check that box and you will be able to edit your first page without the other ones changing!

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