Base Form wouldn't save a result when return by a function [closed]

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So here is what is happening...

My form has a field named fldTime1, user inputs a time here and hit ENTER (after change) a function pick up this fldTime1 value and add an hour to it and display it back to field name fldTime2. for example fldTime1 input is "10:00 am" goes thru function, function return its result at fldTime2 "11:00 am".....up to this point all good and working as I intended. Problem is once the value comes back to fldTime2 (updated info) if I hit the SAVE (button will be bold) ....nothing saved into the table. Only way I can save it If I go to fldTime2 Field and edit it then it will save its value by hitting SAVE button.

I am not sure what I am is very annoying PLEASE HELP

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