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writer: keyboard shortcut / hotkey to display specific style category (eg, char styles) displayed within styles pane (F11)

asked 2020-06-11 08:11:54 +0100

blashrkh gravatar image

updated 2020-07-29 00:15:29 +0100

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In LO the F11 keyboard shortcut / hotkey defaults to displaying the Styles pane, but specifically it brings up the style class / type which was most recently used, such as paragraph, character, page, or frame style types.

For users frequently switching between the style categories / types displayed, such as between displaying which paragraph styles then later which character styles, this requires the the category of style be selected with the mouse. When working heavily with styles (which is a fundamental of LibreOffice) it would be great to be able to use a keyboard shortcut to specify which view style category is landed on when the styles pane comes up.

Tried to bind a keyboard shortcut / hotkey to character styles but this does not appear to be available.

There does not seem to be any related default settings available within each the vertical elipsis (similar to ) but could not find any options.

Yes, there are a few different ways to apply styles using keyboard shortcut but this question asks whether it is possible to use a keyboard hotkey to switch between the categories displayed in the styles pane.

May not seem like a big deal but leaving the keyboard and switching to mouse every few words is cumbersome and really slows a user down.

Can anyone confirm or deny whether this is possible to have a keyboard shortcut bound to a specific style category displayed within the styles pane?

keyboard sequence to display specific style categories

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answered 2020-06-11 10:32:29 +0100

RGB-es gravatar image

AFAIK, not all the elements you find in the user interface have a corresponding "UNO binding" that allow the creation of shortcuts or toolbar items. The closest thing you can do is, after you bring focus to the style panel with F11, to use the TAB key (or Shift TAB for reverse order) to "jump" between all parts in the panel. Once you arrived where you want, just use the arrow keys to select the particular element you need. It's a bit cumbersome, but it works.

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