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[FEATURE REQUEST] State of the art font selector [closed]

asked 2013-11-09 10:12:04 +0200

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Hello :) I would like to propose a state of the art font selector (like e.g. in Apple Pages 4.3) in the "formatting" tool bar including two drop-down lists – one for "font family" (Helvetica, Gill Sans, Times etc.) and another one for the "type face" (Light, Regular, Bold, Italic, Light Italic etc.).

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answered 2013-11-09 23:52:07 +0200

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This would appear to be enhancement request fdo#66792. Be aware that there are many enhancement requests related to fonts as everyone seems to have their preferred application / method of working. The enhancement request mentioned (using Pages as an example) deals with the same idea proposed in fdo#60741 (which uses NeoOffice as an example). It is impossible to make everyone happy.

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Yes, indeed, it is indeed a similar thing as in enhancement request fdo#66792. Thank you for finding and posting the link! Please be aware of the fact, that NeoOffice's solution as discribed in fdo#60741 is only a dirty workarround. This was even stated by the developers of NeoOffice.

typographer gravatar imagetypographer ( 2013-11-10 00:34:50 +0200 )edit

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