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Using VLOOKUP with hyperlinks [closed]

asked 2013-11-10 18:41:18 +0200

mikewallis7 gravatar image

I have been using VLOOKUP to access information from .csv files for years using the format:

=VLOOKUP(B$3,'file:ffffdddd.csv'#$Sheet1.$B$6:$F$350,2,0) where ffff is a path/filename that never changes, and dddd is a date that is different for every file.

My problem is that I use this for thousands of .csv files. To use the formula for multiple dates I have to copy it to multiple cells and then manually change the dddd part of the formula in each cell. Then I copy and paste special to convert the result to a permanent number value.

What I would like to do is replace ffffdddd with a hyperlink that I can create with CONCATENATE() so it reads a date from column 1 and creates the necessary filename to replace ffffdddd.csv, something similar to

=VLOOKUP(B$3, (D$7)#$Sheet1.$B$6:$F$350,2,0)

where (D$7) contains the concatenated filename created from a date in D$1: =HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE(path\filename_and_date_strings_created_from_D$1))

I have no problem creating a functioning hyperlink (i.e. the contents of (D$7)) that opens a .csv file, but I cannot figure out a way to implement the VLOOKUP() using it. I've tried concatenating $SHEET1.arrayrange directly to the filename but the hyperlink won't work. Also played around with INDIRECT().

Any ideas?

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It seems to me that you are looking for a function INDIRECT(CONCATENATE(...))

JohnSUN gravatar imageJohnSUN ( 2013-11-10 19:47:41 +0200 )edit

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answered 2013-11-10 23:40:39 +0200

mikewallis7 gravatar image

Found it! Everything explained below in great detail.

Each .csv file contains data corresponding to a particular date. Each row in the .csv file contains the datum that I want to look up. From each file, I want to import these data into a single row of my sheet.

My generic cell formula is: =VLOOKUP(ccc$3,INDIRECT($AHrrr),2,0) where

  • ccc$3 references a column header in row 3 of my sheet that I use to search the rows of the .csv file - there are headers in columns B to AC of row 3.
  • rrr is a row (below row 3) that I want to import data into from a unique .csv file.
  • The .csv filename is constructed using a CONCATENATE() formula located in column AH of row rrr.

For each row rrr:

  • Column A has a formatted date that displays like "Nov 08, 13".
  • Columns B to AC contain the INDIRECT formula listed above.
  • Column AH contain the concatenation formula, which is shown below:

    =CONCATENATE( "'ffff", TEXT(YEAR(Arrr),"####"), "-", TEXT(MONTH(Arrr),"0#"), "-", TEXT(DAY(Arrr),"0#"), ".csv'#$'Sheet1'.$B$6:$F$350" )


  • ffff is the generic path/filename for all the .csv files.

  • The TEXT() formulas are used to create the end portion of each unique .csv filename, which is in the format yyyy-mm-dd, like 2013-11-08.

  • The important data in each .csv file is contained in the range $B$6:$F$350.

In a row somewhere well below the last dated row, I keep the VLOOKUP() formula in column B and the CONCATENATE() formula in row AH, both cells highlighted in light blue so they are recognizable. Since there is no date in column A of that row:

  • The VLOOKUP() cell displays as Err:502
  • The date portion of the CONCATENATE() cell displays as 1899-12-30.

To use the formulas with new .csv files, I:

  1. Create new dates in column A corresponding to the new .csv files.
  2. If necessary, move the row containing the VLOOKUP() - CONCATENATE() formulas so it is well below the last added row. This row has to remain intact when the file is saved.
  3. Highlight and copy the row containing VLOOKUP() - CONCATENATE() formulas from column B to AH.
  4. Paste that row into all the new rows, starting in column B.
  5. Acknowledge a Text Import dialog for each file - 10 new rows require 10 OKs.
  6. Copy the cells in the B column to all ...
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