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How do I align 3 columns to the bottom of a page?

asked 2020-06-28 23:20:25 +0200

Scott Ewart gravatar image

Align left, right, center are available but there seems to be no way to force all the text to the bottom of the page. I want room at the top for an image, with title and subtitle superimposed on the image. I even tried setting the top margin wide but that maxes out at 1.97"

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answered 2020-06-28 23:46:23 +0200

LeroyG gravatar image

updated 2020-06-29 00:22:10 +0200

@Scott Ewart,

I'm guessing what you are trying to do.

To clarify your question, you can edit it and add more information. Do not use Answer to comment.

This will not exactly "force all the text to the bottom of the page".

Edit your title's Style (put cursor on title and press F11), select Indents & Spacing tab, and type the value needed at Above paragraph:.

To direct format the title, choose menu Format - Paragraph… - Indents & Spacing tab, and proceed as explained above.

Perhaps related to your question is the Printing Register-true alignment.

Mark the circle to the left of the answer that solves your question.

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answered 2020-06-29 08:31:35 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

The workflow you describe is common in desktop publishing (DTP) where the basic object is a page.

Writer has another paradigm. The basic object is the flow of text. Pages are only a side effect of this flow: they are allocated on demand to hold the flow.

An image is not a stand alone element of the document. It is always associated with some paragraph. In your case, it seems it is a part of the title paragraph. Proceed as follows:

  • put the cursor in the title paragraph (if this paragraph is styled Title, further formatting will be made easier)
  • Insert>Image and make sure it is anchored To Paragraph
  • go to the Wrap tab: choose the Through mode and tick the In background option
  • back in the Type tab:
    • eventually press Original Size if the image was stretched from margin to margin
    • in Position section, Horizontal is Center and vertical From Top which enables the by distance box allowing you to tune the image position; for both axis, to reference is Paragraph text area

Adjust the position of the title and subtitle (conveniently styled Subtitle) by playing with the style spacings Above and Below to "reserve" space. Since the image has been sent into the background so that the paragraphs are not hidden by the image, it no longer participate in text flow. Consequently, room for the image is indirectly "protected" by the properties of the paragraphs supposed to appear above it.

Don't check the First paragraph option otherwise the image will only be set under the title paragraph, pushing down the subtitle.

If you are not familiar with styles and what they offer, read the Writer Guide.

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