How to print gridlines in Writer table

asked 2020-06-30 02:01:50 +0100

Mike Eugene gravatar image

I can't get Libre Writer to print gridlines in the table I inserted in the document. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Have you seen LibreOffice Help on borders?

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Share your operating systema and version of LibreOffice (see menu Help - About LibreOffice).

LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-06-30 02:14:21 +0100 )edit

If you can't see the gridlines in Print Preview then you need to add borders. Click in a cell and select the whole table with Ctrl+A, right-click and select Table Properties. In the Borders tab click on the Presets for "Set Outer Border and all Inner lines" which is the square with a black vertical and a black horizontal line through it. OK out.

Earnest Al gravatar imageEarnest Al ( 2020-06-30 02:16:12 +0100 )edit