How To Remove the 'Greyed' text Greyness?

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I copied a test paper onto a new Writer text doc and all that text was a bit grey. It was all questions.

I'm writing my answers in between the questions and they come out as black as this print here.

But a couple of times I've done something wrong and my answers adopt this 'greyness'. I couldn't see how to fix that so I just kept writing. So I've finished up with a fair bit of 'grey' text I'd like to have be a nice fresh black colour.

How can I do that?

And another: in a couple of places these questions have lists and the lines of text seem to be double space and I would like them to be single spaced like this text here. But I can't seem to do that. It seems maybe they are double spaced because they made a new paragraph at the end of each line. But when I do a delete at the end of each line I get the lines concatenated and stretching out too far and when I do an 'enter' to get back the proper line length I get a double space again.

Is that easy fixed or best just leave it?

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If the test paper is laid out with styles there will be a style for questions and one for answers. In that case it would be just a matter of changing the style of your paragraphs to that of answers. In the menu click View | Styles or press F11. Click on a question paragraph and have a look in Paragraph Styles (leftmost icon) and see what the name of the style is. Then click on an answer with the black text you expect, remember this style name. if the style names are different then click in a grey answer paragraph, look for your memorised Style in the Styles sidebar and double-click it, your text should turn to the answer style.

If this is a school paper they want the double-spaced lines and the black text for answers in the styles they set up. Don't change their layout or you ...(more)

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Please delete your identical question

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