How to extract full number from a string?

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Best illustrated with an example:

         |       | desired output
12/10/12 | + 12m | 12/10/13
01/04/13 | - 4m  | 09/04/12
07/21/15 | - 3m  | 04/21/15
03/20/18 | + 24m | 03/20/20

I want to extract the number each cell of column 2 and add/subtract that month to the date in column 1 depending on the first ""word" (delimited by a space) of the string (+/-).

The second word is always the month indicator and ends with an "m".

Obviously it would better to simply use e.g. negative/positive numbers and imply the number of months to add/subtract, but for the purposes of this specific example, I want to be able to do this very basic string parsing and work from there.

I am so far able to extract the first character using: e.g. MID(B2,1,1)="+".

Much appreciated.

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The end result in C2 would be


ISO 8601

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2020-07-27 22:59:48 +0100 )edit