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View layout locked in Calc

asked 2020-08-07 21:56:28 +0100

MakdaMujji gravatar image

I found how to change the page layout to just one page in Libreoffice Calc by going into Zoom → Zoom... → View Layout, but the View Layout is greyed out and set to "Automatic". How can I change it to "Single Page"? I'm using version on Ubuntu 20.04.

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answered 2020-08-08 12:06:17 +0100

Zizi64 gravatar image

updated 2020-08-08 12:06:44 +0100

The LibreOffice is a well integrated office suite. There are many common features with different settings. The applications (Writer, Calc, etc...) have an unified Zoom user interface. And there are some appeared (but greyed), non-relevant properties when you use the Calc.

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But these properties used to be active in older versions.

MakdaMujji gravatar imageMakdaMujji ( 2020-08-08 19:02:43 +0100 )edit

Which older versions?

It is greyed in my LO 4.4.7 portable version.

Zizi64 gravatar imageZizi64 ( 2020-08-08 19:22:07 +0100 )edit
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