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How can I delete/rename headers and footers from specific pages ?

asked 2020-08-10 20:51:50 +0100

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unfortunately whenever I change the header and footer of page 3 it applies these changes to pages 4 and 5 because they all have the same "header&footer"-name except for pages 1 and 2 which thankfully have different names on their headers and I can change anything I want without affecting other pages. I didn't format this document so I don't know how to remove the header on specific pages ( plus the rules and names). I guess they are affected to changes because they have the same name like the other page. How can I rename them and make them in-dependable ?


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answered 2020-08-11 00:49:34 +0100

keme gravatar image

The "header/footer name" is the name of the page style in use.

I guess you are accustomed to the MS Word way where a page inherits attributes from the previous, unless you "break the chain". While this may seem more natural, it is harder to keep a consistent structure for a large and complex document. This is one reason why Writer enforces the use of page styles (whereas Word has no concept of the "page style" structural element).

In short, you cannot remove the header and footer from specific pages because it is not a property of the page, but rather a property of the page style. To have a page with different header/footer settings you need to apply a different page style. The page style is normally applied as part of a hard page break, either manually set, or by forcing a page break as part of a paragraph break (typically, but not exclusively, for chapter headings).

See Insert - More breaks - Manual break..., or the Text flow tab of paragraph format or paragraph style.

If you give us some more detail about what you want to do, it may enable us to provide more detailed help.

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And give this additional information in a comment below or by editing your question and making clear what you've added.

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2020-08-11 07:59:07 +0100 )edit
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