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Multiple dictionaries for spell checking [closed]

asked 2013-11-15 22:26:08 +0200

piribes gravatar image

updated 2020-08-02 23:55:45 +0200

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Sometimes it's annoying to specify the language for every paragraphs of the document. Think about a really big one with thousands of words in different languages.

In this cases, we would like to select al least two (possibly more) dictionaries as a source languages for entire document instead of selecting the language for every paragraph or, in worst cases, for every word. Isn't it ?

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answered 2013-11-15 22:43:46 +0200

carnendil gravatar image

This sounds like a perfect request for a feature, or at least, for an extension.

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I'm not sure, is it better to file a bug or to write on "Crazy Ideas" wiki page ?

piribes gravatar imagepiribes ( 2013-11-22 12:21:59 +0200 )edit

I would certainly second the case for adding more source languages. I typically have documents with 3 languages, sometimes four and I find it painful not to have automatic recognition and a correct (adaptative) spellchecker behavior for my work.

CBhihe gravatar imageCBhihe ( 2014-07-03 12:02:25 +0200 )edit

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