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paper size is not user defined while printing

asked 2020-08-27 19:40:19 +0100

muqtadir gravatar image

Just a month i have migrated from windows to Ubuntu 20.04 and it has libreoffice In microsoft office i used to define page format with width and height and margins. When i take print it comes exactly the same what is defined. but in libreoffice i have defined page width and height and margins and while printing it prints differently not what is defined.

i am simply wasting papers.

Please help me how to print the paper size as defined

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answered 2020-08-28 07:12:58 +0100

Zizi64 gravatar image

You must use the Page Styles in the LibreOffice. Because the .doc file format can not handle the Page Styles freature, the conversion (when you open a MS Office file in the LO) will lose some formatting properties.

Note: there is not (never was and never will be) 100% compatibility between the different file types.

Check the Print preview before you physically print a document. (or Export the document into PDF file format, and check it.

But in any case, reformat the pages by osage of the Page Styles before printing the document.

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