Behaviour of charts in sheets with protected cells [closed]

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I wished to protect some cells of my sheet. I did the documented steps ... IMO quite cumbersome and counter intuitive:

  1. unprotect all cells -which are by default "protected" (!)
  2. set the desired cells as protected... via the "Cell format" (!)
  3. set the sheet as protected

(all this, mind you, to protect a single cell)

Now, the sheet had a chart. After doing the above, the chart cannot be activated, selected or even moved. IF one clicks over it, all happens as if the chart didn't exist: the underying cell is selected, one can edit it, etc. This feels wrong, and I actually spent some time clicking as an idiot over the chart, before remebering that the sheet was "protected" and discovering that this was the cause.

Is this the expected behaviour?

I'm using LO, Windows-7.

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To bad this is closed, we have this exact problem, want the user to be able to select the chart and copy, but they can't if spreadsheet is protected, and no way to unprotect chart

phillman5 gravatar imagephillman5 ( 2017-05-20 01:17:51 +0100 )edit

Work around. Copy and paste chart onto another sheet. Then protect original sheet, not spreadsheet! Then the chart on the second sheet can be selected to be copied. It is updated with data on original sheet.

phillman5 gravatar imagephillman5 ( 2017-05-20 01:27:33 +0100 )edit