Extracting/reading PDF files embedded in a .DOC document in LibreOffice [closed]

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I was given a huge (27MB) .DOC file which contains a number of PDF files embedded in it. How can I extract these PDF file out of it (or at least able to read them)?

I'm running linuxmint 14, libreoffice 3.6 (and have the libreoffice-pdfimport extension installed, if that matters).

Here's the things I've tried which did not work.

  • unoconf -o pdf in.doc -- Only icons of embedded PDF files showed up. Embedded PDF's not pulled in.(File size reduced to 80KB.

  • unoconf -o html in.doc -- Simliar. Icons (GIF's) extracted but not the embedded PDF's.

  • Opening the file in Writer and save it in other formats. PDF files not pulled in when saved as .DOCX. File size similar to the original when saved in .ODT format but links not clickable.

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