Disappearing indention. [closed]

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When I begin new paragraph with dash and then press Enter for new paragraph, paragraph with dash at the beginning looses its indention. If I press Undo, indention reapears (and nothing else happens). All settings are default.

My operating system is Windows8, LibreOffice is vesrion 4.1 and I'm using Latvian language extention, file format is .odt.

Unfortunately I can't provide example file due to not enough karma.

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Unable to reproduce. Please provide greater details (operating system, LO version, file format) and an example file showing the problem. You can upload the files elsewhere and edit the question to provide a link. Have you set the original paragraph or style with indentation? There is no indentation by default, so perhaps I am not clear on exactly what you are doing.

oweng gravatar imageoweng ( 2013-11-29 08:52:14 +0200 )edit