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Error linking subform when connecting LO Base 7 trough tcp

asked 2020-09-21 18:12:28 +0200

rstp gravatar image

Error linking subform when connecting LO Base 7 to tcp jdbc database (h2 or hsql) Always get error when attempting to run a form-subform error=image description

Same form-subform works fine if I use embedded hsql

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answered 2020-09-21 21:38:57 +0200

cpb gravatar image


looking at the error message i can only suggest:

from the 'Base' window

'menu:Edit>Database>Advanced Settings'

hit tab 'Special Settings'

ensure checkbox is activated for

'Replace named parameters with '?''

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Thanks a lot. I've been stumbling on this problem for months. I should have known to ask.

rstp gravatar imagerstp ( 2020-09-23 19:55:02 +0200 )edit
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