When attempting to open existing documents, LibreOffice opens a Text Export window or requests a Character set be chosen. [closed]

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Document formats are .ods,.odt, *.rtf, *.xls and *.doc.

All documents have been used or created w/ existing LibreOffice install for nearly 1 year w/o issue; LibreOffice version 3.5 (I think).

Attempting to open documents on alternative machine running most current version of LibreOffice exhibits same issue. Existing LibreOffice documents on alternative machine open w/o issue.

I am unable to attach an image to illustrate for lack of karma.

Some documents open w/o request, but text is no longer standard English. Instead, text is in the form of mixed letter/symbols or foreign characters. I am working remotely for the moment, and have not had an opportunity to attempt creating new document using Writer, calc or math on machine where issue was first noticed.

*.doc files fail to open properly using Word Pad or Note Pad in MS Win7. Documents fail to open as they were some 24hrs prior.

Is there a correction that can be applied or solution to this problem?

I will attempt another office program (OOo) and an alternative word processor application (Abi) after download is complete in hopes the issue is LibreOffice and not documents.

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