Can I connect libre office with MS OneDrive?

asked 2020-10-17 08:48:41 +0100

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I have read Libre office can be integrated with onedrrive. When I tried do add service I seen only Google drive option and other protocols. It's still possible to connect libre to OneDrive? Maybe I should use one of option from the list with credentials provided by OneDrive?

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That's what I see on LibreOffice on openSUSE 15.2 using KDE/Plasma desktop

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What's your environment (LibreOffice version, operating system and desktop manager)?

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-10-17 10:19:33 +0100 )edit

Hey. I using LibreOffice Version:, on Pantheon on ElementaryOS. There are no system wide possibility to sync with OneDrive on ElementaryOS. Maybe LibreOffice depends on system sync.

Bartek gravatar imageBartek ( 2020-10-17 14:21:55 +0100 )edit

Ok - this seems to be an Ubuntu packaging problem/issue. I could find de OneDrive option already on LibreOffice version (TDF package) and according to LibreOffice 5.1 - Release Notes - Remote Files Dialog the option has been added in LibreOffice 5.1 (This is not a statement about functionality - I don't use it).

May be the following PPA for Ubuntu based systems is an alternative to application integration of OneDrive:

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-10-17 15:15:59 +0100 )edit