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Sheet 1_ table: I have a columne for time:

In A column I have the start of films: A5=06:50 (it is time when the film starts)

it is set to time, first option (13:37)

In G column I have number of advertising for each film:

G5=15 (that is number of minutes odf advertising)

In H column I have prices: =IF(A2<time(17;30;0);g2*price.b$3;if(and(a2>=TIME(19;0;0);A2<time(22;0;0)); g2<em="">Price.B$5;G2Price.B$4))</time(22;0;0));></time(17;30;0);g2*price.b$3;if(and(a2>

Price is sheet 2. in B3 I have price for tiem up to 17;30 (10 €) B4 : price for time after 17;30 (20€) and B5 are prices after 17;30 form 19;00 to 22;00 (30 €)

I coppied formula in H column form h2 to h30, so it is the same. But the result for H2 is 300, although it shoudl be 150

Look, in A clumn I have 06:50, NOT 06;50,but otherwise I coudl not get the numbers to the cell.(set to time 13.37)

Please does someone se where is the mistake? The result should be 150, not 300!!!! MANY THANKS!

p.s. I have in A colum date like: 20.02.2013 06:50:00 set to format: 06:50

so , date like 06:50 is in the colum, but on the line up it is still

20.02.2013 06:50:00

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