How to pivot a table with % and totals in data

asked 2020-10-17 15:02:37 +0100

elnath78 gravatar image

I'm trying to record win/loss of an online game, here is what I got:

The table quite doest looks like to what I expected, the % is wrong and there are no totals. My ideal result is having hero name on rows, and columns with days of the week, a subset for every day is the hour, and for every hour I want to see the win rate relative to that hero/day/hour and total games played like:

Hero         10   | 15 | 20
Gauss    50% | 18 | .......

and so on for every hero/day/hour. I'm not sure if this is doable using pivot tables or if I should manually filter the data creating a custom report. I don't need the extra functionalities of the pivot, like moving columns/rows or apply filters etc.. just a static view so that I can monitor my performances. I'll have to do similr talbes for other metric but this is the overall idea.

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