Unable to print envelopes with Brother HL-2140 [closed]

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The trouble is text orientation.

I can't get envelopes to print in anything but portrait style on my printer. Writer shows the preview correctly, but when I try to print a common #10 envelope, it prints as if it were printing across a regular US letter sized piece of paper in portait mode. When I feed an envelope through the manual feed slot, that leaves me with a destination address printed across the middle of the envelope and oriented 90 degrees from where it should be.

I've tried setting up the printer and the evelope options according to the information here: http://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/4643/envelope-printing-the-easy-way/

In fact, I've poked about every thing I can find to fiddle with in the printer settings and all the insert - envelopes tabs. The issue is not resolved.




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