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multiple install of libre office [closed]

asked 2012-05-17 23:31:08 +0200

hgclark6 gravatar image

updated 2012-05-18 18:03:21 +0200

I work in a multilingual environment where documents need to be printed in both English and Spanish? Can we install two versions of LibreOffice, one in each language or is there a simple way to translate documents typed in one to the other?

So, in a public setting is it possible to have the program set up to accomodate both languages at the same time?

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answered 2012-05-19 16:46:32 +0200

cloph gravatar image

Having different User-Interface is already answered, except for maybe

So, in a public setting is it possible to have the program set up to accomodate both languages at the same time?

The answer is yes. Different users on the same system can use different UI-languages at the same time. They don't even have to manually pick the language. If the corresponding language is installed for LibreOffice, it will autoselect it. Only when you run your desktop-environment in a different language, you have to manually set the language options as described in the answer by mariosv.

In case you want to run two copies of LibreOffice as one single user, you have to use different user-profile directories as explained here:

To edit CJK or RTL languages, you need to activate the corresponding checkboxes in Tools|Options → Language Settings → Languages, otherwise the additional formatting options will not be shown. (Just opening/viewing the files works without those options enabled)

To actually translate the document content itself (i.e. the text you write yourself), I'd suggest some other tools such as OmegaT ( that can handle the OpenDocument format.

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answered 2012-05-18 00:05:40 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

updated 2012-05-18 00:06:09 +0200

You don't need two installations for this. LibreOffice is multilingual capable.

There are several places to set the language options:

Menu/Tools/Options/Language settings.

In the styles {F11}, you can set the language for the style.

About translate, in OOo extensions there is least one:

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