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how do I enlarge the typed page to make reading typed material easier to see? f

asked 2020-10-26 19:11:16 +0200

melgloberman gravatar image

typed font is very small

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answered 2020-10-26 19:34:08 +0200

keme gravatar image

See the tiny slider control on the right end of the status bar (bottom border of window). Slide to the right to zoom in (enlarge). If status bar is disabled, you can enable it from the view menu.

From the view menu you can also use the zoom dialog, which may provide better control for you.

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... or keep key CTRL pressed while turning your mouse wheel up (increase) or down (decrease) the view.

Opaque gravatar imageOpaque ( 2020-10-26 19:42:50 +0200 )edit
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