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I have a massive document (500+) pages written with an obsolete word processor which I am converting to Writer. I managed to get the styles and formatting OK. But I am stymied on Table of Contents and the Index. In my original document all page references were 1-21 (chapter-page) which was especially useful in the index because each chapter had a technical theme - chapter 2 is the tutorial, chapter 5 is command reference, etc.

I created a master document. containing all of the chapters. Each chapter has identical organization, Chapterhead, Mainhead, Subhead. I tried putting text between each chapter in the master document style New Chapter which reset the page numbering and forced a page break. That worked. But try as I might I cannot get the numbering as I want:




I can get:




How is the variable (Field?) E# set? It seems to be only related to an outline level not a document or style used to start a chapter.

I have yet to attempt the Index. I though the ToC would the least complicated to start with.

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