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How do I take One LibreOffice Writer Document several Draw pages => PDF file [closed]

asked 2013-12-31 22:05:06 +0200

Juliasew gravatar image

updated 2020-08-09 12:02:22 +0200

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I am editing a multi-page document in writer, with nice headers & footers. I need to ADD several pages at the end, with NO head or footer, and on the ODD numbered pages insert one or more Draw diagram per page.

Then export the whole thing to PDF.

I was creating the PDF from Writer, then editing it with Draw to add the pages & diagrams, but when I RE-EXPORT to pdf again, it randomly messes things up. Things like diagrams in the text part are "weird".

Please suggest a simpler alternative route! Thanks & Happy New Year!

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OS is Windows 7

Juliasew gravatar imageJuliasew ( 2013-12-31 22:44:43 +0200 )edit

pdf import sounds like it will help, but when I search for it on

it does not find it.

Juliasew gravatar imageJuliasew ( 2013-12-31 22:52:34 +0200 )edit

The closet thing I could find in the extensions is

MultiSave 1.3

Juliasew gravatar imageJuliasew ( 2013-12-31 23:09:07 +0200 )edit

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answered 2014-01-03 02:36:37 +0200

bencomp gravatar image

Interestingly enough you cannot import Drawings as pictures in Writer documents. (I assume that is because it would make the Open Document file format much more complex.)

However, you can export Drawings to another standard document format like SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and import the exported .svg files into Writer documents. I suggest to put every diagram or page in a separate Drawing (instead of using slides inside one Drawing) to make exporting easier.

To insert pictures that have the size of a page, you should insert a manual page break at the end of the page that goes before the page to be inserted and (create and) use a page style that has the correct orientation, headers and footers, and margins (and possibly other properties).

Make sure you keep the original Drawing files to make changes later. If you create a chart in your Drawing, with custom values in the data table, you can only change those values in the Drawing document, not in an exported SVG files (as they only store the graphics - rectangles, colours, lines, text, etc. - not the data table).

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answered 2013-12-31 22:36:05 +0200

David gravatar image

You don't say what operating system you're using, so it's difficult to suggest alternatives.

In spite of that, the first thing that comes to my mind is to produce your PDF pages "natively" in their various applications, then roll them into your final PDF with some flavour of the PDF ToolKit. You can get PDFTK Builder for WIndows (also available in portable format). The equivalent for Linux is PDF Chain which should be in most "software sources" ... things. :) Sorry, can't advise on Mac.

The PDFTK route would make things headache-free, I reckon.

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