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How to convert automatic wrapping to hard line returns

asked 2020-11-19 14:44:44 +0100

Dennis07 gravatar image

updated 2020-11-19 23:22:43 +0100

So I can copy a paragraph with appropriate wrapping to another application’s plain text box

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Hello @Dennis07, If your question is about Writer, please, choose retag (below your question), delete common, type writer and press Enter twice. Thanks. The common tag is for all LibreOffice modules (Writer, Calc, Draw, etc.). The meta tag is for matters related to this site.

LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-11-19 17:45:28 +0100 )edit

Done, originally I had tried to insert “writer” but it wasn’t accepted

Dennis07 gravatar imageDennis07 ( 2020-11-19 23:24:09 +0100 )edit

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answered 2020-11-19 17:49:33 +0100

LeroyG gravatar image

You can export your document as PDF. Open the PDF file, copy from there, and paste (each line converted in a independent paragraph).

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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This works well, thanks!

Dennis07 gravatar imageDennis07 ( 2020-11-20 17:48:34 +0100 )edit

answered 2020-11-19 15:02:21 +0100

Opaque gravatar image

updated 2020-11-19 15:04:49 +0100


Not at all since there is no "end-of-line" character but a continuous flow of characters within a paragraph. It is the another application's job to format that flow of characters. In other words: You'd need to add line breaks manually in another application.

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