Link to "How to use the Ask site" not present on Dutch language pages.

asked 2020-12-01 21:51:40 +0100

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updated 2020-12-01 22:17:14 +0100

Can somebody add a link to the Dutch translation of the How to use the Ask site page? There seems to be a link to such pages on most nl pages, but not on the Dutch one. I can'[t tell people there to read the How to use if there isn't a How to use.

I know that this kind of questions should be put on the ASK Wiki, but registering there (didn't see the Bad user name error thrown at me for a while) and trying to log in was too big a hurdle. I tried, and failed. Hopefully, I have more success here. You can close this question if you like, as long as somebody does something with it.

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Better to tag as Meta (related to the site) rather than common. Cheers, Al

Earnest Al gravatar imageEarnest Al ( 2020-12-01 22:14:57 +0100 )edit

Thanks for the hint

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2020-12-01 22:17:44 +0100 )edit

Just added the following text in the give feedback link at the bottom.

An user ask¹ if in the page it can be added the link "How to use the Ask site" in Dutch.²


LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-12-01 23:09:45 +0100 )edit

@floris v, I am asking because I am not sure:

Should be "on most nl pages" or "on most pages"?

LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-12-01 23:13:09 +0100 )edit

My apologies! Posted my answer as comment. This happens when you speak before you think (talking about me).

The Ask/Getting Started/nl page does not exist.

LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-12-01 23:19:02 +0100 )edit

With "nl" I meant "national languages", very confusing indeed. They are present on the German and Italian sections.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2020-12-01 23:22:01 +0100 )edit

Never saw the Give feedback link, thanks for that!

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2020-12-01 23:24:22 +0100 )edit

And PT-BR.

But that is not a site fault. LibreOffice needs to provide the page first. Work for the translation team.

LeroyG gravatar imageLeroyG ( 2020-12-01 23:33:42 +0100 )edit

And lots more. Seems I found almost the only ones that have the link. rofl

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2020-12-01 23:37:33 +0100 )edit