How to convert conditional formatting to static and formatted cells with formulas to plain text? [closed]

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I have a spreadsheet where I have dates as row header. I use conditional formatting to make cells on rows that are Saturdays or Sundays to look different. This way I can put dates of any one month in the sheet and it will always show weekends with different color. I also have one cell that shows the name of the weekday of the date using function WEEKDAY(). Now I need to send the spreadsheet to other people, so they can fill information on each row. I want to make sure that the layout and look of the spreadsheet stays how meant it. How can I "flatten" the document to static?

So question is actually two part:

How can I convert conditional formatting to static formatting?

How can I convert cells to plain text in calc? (I know I can do this by copying from spreadsheet to plain text editor and then back, but if there would be easier way...)

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How is this question "not relevant or outdated"? I have the exact same question, this is the first page that came up in Google, and yet it's unanswered and marked as irrelevant.

Donaithnen gravatar imageDonaithnen ( 2017-02-02 19:24:46 +0100 )edit