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Can you explain the following message I am getting . [closed]

asked 2014-01-22 17:00:24 +0100

Anstey gravatar image

I want to delete a letter that I downloaded from my e-mail to test libreOffice. The download worked fine,but in trying to remove it from LO. I keep getting the following message :- "Object not accessible. The object cannot be accessed due to insufficient user rights". I filed it in documents once, and then deleted it, but it reappeared in "Open". I cannot open it .

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answered 2015-11-08 18:47:13 +0100

Nothinme gravatar image

If you are running Windows (I use windows 7) you might try running LibreOffice as administrator. I have had similar issues with other software with insufficient privileges.

if you are running Linux you may not own the file that you got from your email. You say you deleted it, but from my experience in Linux I can delete a file while it's in use. The file is gone from the file browser, but the file will be completely gone once the last process using it closes. It has been awhile since I dumped Ubuntu version of Linux.

If you're running an apple, I have no experience to draw upon.

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