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Change text color of form input-field

asked 2021-01-12 21:22:06 +0100

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I am able to change the text backround color through right-click "Control properties ..." menu, but how do I change the text color.

Currently it's a light gray even in the filled out form.

Is it possible to have different background colors when the form field is empty (gray) and when it is filled (white)?

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answered 2021-01-12 23:24:31 +0100

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updated 2021-01-12 23:25:30 +0100


Right Click -> Control Properties -> Tab: General scroll down to Font and click the button showing ... rightmost

image description

and you get:

image description

Hope that helps.

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Thank you, it worked. That helped a lot!

I had to set the font color to some other color, and then choose the color picker to set it to #000000, otherwise the color would not be set.

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