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Writer won't remember custom toolbars I have open [closed]

asked 2014-01-27 21:27:52 +0100

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updated 2016-02-19 04:18:45 +0100

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I went to the trouble of making a few custom toolbars in Writer -- I get rid of the default ones and use mine instead. But after saving and closing Writer, the next time I load up my document, I have the default toolbars sitting there again. I have to close them and put my toolbars back again.

It's odd because it remembers I want Navigator open, the rulers hidden, etc. but not my toolbars. Please tell me this isn't how things are suppoed to work? Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

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Please tell us which version of LO and Operating System you are using.

carnendil gravatar imagecarnendil ( 2014-01-28 19:04:22 +0100 )edit

Just to let you know, whilst i can't tell you why it is happening in your set up, I do not get that behaviour on mine. I am using in Linux Mint Cinnamon 32bit.

Oldbwl gravatar imageOldbwl ( 2014-01-29 16:16:20 +0100 )edit

@tenren I'm glad you sorted it out. Please answer and accept the the answer so this question is closed. Regards,

carnendil gravatar imagecarnendil ( 2014-01-29 22:15:13 +0100 )edit

Unfortuantely I can't accept my own answer since I'm such a new user here. But thanks for the advice and being open to help!

tenren gravatar imagetenren ( 2014-01-30 20:47:32 +0100 )edit

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answered 2014-01-29 19:47:33 +0100

tenren gravatar image

I am using Xubuntu 13.10 64 bit and LO Though after fiddling around, I found that LO was loading my custom toolbar, just also re-loading the default standard + formatting toolbars every time I opened the program. My workaround has been to just modify the standard and formatting toolbars to what I wanted my custom ones to be, and now they load as default.

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