LO Base 7.0.4 portable issue - Java

asked 2021-02-11 01:32:24 +0200

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updated 2021-02-11 01:35:31 +0200

My OS is Win10 Pro vers 20H2 - build 19042.804 (64-bit) -Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
Using LO Portable 7.0.4 -don't use 'PortableApps Launch module'

I have installed both 32 n 64-bit Java enviroment
( jre-8u281-windows-i586.exe AND jre-8u281-windows-x64.exe )
It is recognized in LO as

Now I wanted to create HSQLDB database (embedded w Base) and I wanted to 'Creating Tables using Wizard'.

Now my problem..when I finish 2 steps of Base db setup it pops up with following errors:
error1: JRE is Defective -LO requires a Java runtime enviroment (JRE) to perform this task. The selected JRE is defective.

error2: says it cannot establish connection to db filename I created.

when I click on 'more' and choose error details it gives
error3: SQL Status: HY000 -no java installation found.

Now even my Java installation is found and registered in LO. This I don't understand.
What am I missing to solve this problem??

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Try installing a JDK and using a JRE supplied with it.

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2021-02-11 07:17:20 +0200 )edit